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Use the right person: As talents are what truly drive the development of an enterprise, we always pursue the right talents and seek to give full play to their potential;

Do the right thing: We do the right thing and do it right;

Emphasis on growth: We attach great importance to talent development, advocate teamwork, encourage competition, and create a favorable growth environment by building a scientific talent development mechanism;

Co-development: We hope to grow together and share with our employees. We encourage them to associate their own development with the enterprise’s long-term plan so that individuals and the enterprise can grow together.

We always adhere to the "good faith, science and technology as a source of sustainable development and common development" business philosophy, we attach great importance to the introduction and training of personnel, and improve human resource management level, to provide good remuneration and development space for employees.
Welcome interested in the development of talents in the power industry to join our team!
Sales Engineer
Test Engineer (Hardware and Software)
Software Engineer (QT and MFC)
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